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Life Insurance for the Living

If your income stopped because of illness,
what would you do?

Did you know life insurance can serve as income replacement while you recover?

"Living benefits life insurance is for the living" 

A living benefits life insurance policy is an all in one policy.  It can advance your money from the death benefits early in the event you develop a life threatening illness and can't work.

"Life insurance is really nothing but money.  You don't need more life insurance, but you do need more money"

-Ben Feldman

Advanced death benefits

Lump sum of money

No payback required

The life insurance policy provides your family a financial safety net so you can recover and alleviate the pressure to return to work prematurely.

Use the benefits to pay medical bills, the mortgage, or take care of family and business bills.  

Living benefits life insurance works this way...

Develop one of these life threatening conditions and you may be eligible for advanced payment

based on diagnosis, age, and your health team's prognosis.

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Short term illness

A short term illness is a

life threatening condition such as:

Heart Attack



Kidney failure

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Chronic illness

A chronic illness is a serious condition where a person is

unable to take care their

daily needs on their own. 

Chronic conditions are:

Advanced age


Parkinson's Disease


Alzheimer's Disease

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 9.28.43 PM.png

Terminal Diagnosis

A terminal diagnosis

of 6-24 months.

Example of how Living Benefits Work

Same concept as traditional life insurance, just more value...

  • Premiums about the same as old life insurance.
  • Living benefits on both term and permanent life insurance policies.
  • The limits vary by insurance carrier.
  • May prorate the advanced amount based on age, diagnosis, and optional riders.
Asian Family of four.jpg

Tim and Nora

Tim and Nora are both physical therapists with Tim working at Kaiser while Nora works at a small physical therapy practice in San Francisco.

Nora is diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and can't work due to the surgery to remove the ovary and subsequent chemotherapy. Their savings are shrinking due to the loss of Nora's income, her medical bills, and child care for the kids.

Tim and Nora decide to accelerate the benefits of Nora's life insurance policy. She accelerates the full $300,000 death benefits and receives a check for $210,000 in about three weeks. Receiving the $210,000 helped Tim and Nora get through a very difficult time in their life and relieved the financial pressure of Nora returning to work prematurely.

Nora is recovering well and is getting stronger everyday.  She hopes to return back to work when she has her strength back and her doctors approve.

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