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Long Term Care Planning and
Life Insurance

Protecting families while working and in retirement

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Life Insurance for the Living

Income safety net for the family if you become sick and can't work.

Advance life insurance benefits early to supplement your income during a health crisis.

Family Fun

Long Term Care Planning

Unburden your family and protect your retirement income.

Create a plan to ensure your family can manage your long term care instead of being the ones to provide the help.

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Life Insurance for the Living

Life Insurance

for the Living

Protect your income in the event you become sick and can’t work.

Life Insurance 

Life Insurance


Compare temporary and permanent insurance, understand insurance lingo, and see how to make life insurancance work for you.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care


Learn what long term care is and it’s potential costs to your family and finances.

Ways to pay for long term care

Ways to Pay for

Long Term Care

See the different alternatives to alleviate the burden of high long term care costs.

Customer Testimonials

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"Mike helped us with our long -term care planning. We feel so fortunate to have worked with Mike! He was very knowledgeable and provided options and scenarios that we did not know available.

Long term care planning is overwhelming and often too confusing. Mike took the time to explain and made the process easy.  He made it his goal to make sure that every time we left our meetings, we understood the information and that we were comfortable in our decision making.


We especially appreciate that Mike did not have a sales approach tactic, but rather a conversation about our personal goals."

-Mia & David

"Mike provided me with excellent service! He listened to my needs and made sure I felt comfortable with my decision. He was very patient in explaining the insurance plans to me, making sure I understood it fully. He is sincere and provided me with personalized care. I trust Mike because he genuinely wants what's best for me and my family.  I love that in an agent!"

-Romelle & Mark

"We had a wonderful experience working with Mike on a Long Term Care insurance policy. 

My wife and I have been caring for my mom who has LTC insurance so we have seen the advantages of having LTC insurance but also became aware of the shortcomings of her particular policy. 

Mike is very knowledgeable about the latest insurance products and has personal experience with the financial strain of caring for ailing parents. He was able to provide us with an LTC policy that can be a benefit to both us and our children in the future."

-Theresa & Michael

Michael D. Wong CLTC, DDS

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